Smart Grid & Power IT

India’s Ministry of Power describes its vision for smart grid as “Transform the Indian power sector into a secure, adaptive, sustainable and digitally enabled ecosystem that provides reliable and quality energy for all with active participation of stakeholders”. And our mission, inspired by the ministry’s vision, is to be enablers of smart grid technology for all the sectors, industries and cities in our country. Our Smart Grid & Power IT team is involved in various research and development initiatives aimed at making electricity distribution & consumption smarter. The team also explores new innovative ideas available globally and tries to adapt the same for Indian conditions.
Our solutions include:

  • 1. Communicable relays which can be interfaced with any kind of communication to make the grid smarter
  • 2. RF based meters with protocols which can be shared and ready for interoperability thus easing to build a smarter AMR
  • 3. RF solution to enable last mile connectivity i.e. from the meters to the divisions or control centres
  • 4. AMI/AMR solution with MDAS (Meter Data Acquisition Software), MDMS (Meter Data Management Software) and DCUs

With our user friendly software currently under development & testing we aspire to enable end consumers to easily analyse their electricity consumption thus making them more aware about their consumption patterns and its environmental impact.

Power IT Products

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