MDMS (Meter Data Management System)

MDMS will do real-time data acquisition from the deployed "DCU"s, and organise the data in the database in a Common Data Format (CDF). MDAS will do Realtime monitoring, summary reports and Graphs. Online Alerts, dynamic formation for observation groups of suspicious meters or just area, zone, consumer indices etc. in normal circumstances.

AMR Solutions

MDMS (Meter Data Management System)

An MDM system will typically import the data, then validate, cleanse and process it before making it available for billing and analysis. An MDM system performs long term data storage and management for the vast quantities of data delivered by smart metering systems. This data consists primarily of usage data and events that are imported from the head end servers that manage the data collection in Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or Automatic meter reading (AMR) systems.
It provides Meter-to-Cash system, workforce management system, asset management and other systems. Also an MDMS may provide reporting capabilities for load and demand forecasting, management reports, and customer service metrics.
An MDMS provide application programming interfaces (APIs) between the MDMS and the multiple destinations that rely on meter data. Besides this common functionality, our advanced MDM may provide facility for remote connect/disconnect of meters, power status verification\power restoration verification and On demand read of remote meters.

  • Store all meter reads as the system of record.
  • Validate the accuracy and performance of meter reads and outage event data.
  • Assess possible diversion situations or issues requiring a field visit.
  • Improve estimation and validation using multi-dimensional analytics.
  • Synchronize data between MDMS, AMR/AMI databases and master systems.
  • Improve utility back office operations and understand the potential of the AMI investment.

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