MDAS (Meter Data Acquisition System)

MDAS will do real-time data acquisition from the deployed "DCU"s, and organise the data in the database in a Common Data Format (CDF). MDAS will do Realtime monitoring, summary reports and Graphs. Online Alerts, dynamic formation for observation groups of suspicious meters or just area, zone, consumer indices etc. in normal circumstances.

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MDAS (Meter Data Acquisition System)

MDAS application mainly consists of three components :
(1). Communication server application: Communication server application will establish communication with modem associated to DCU and process the data sent by the device.
(2). OPC Server application: OPC server will read the raw data which was received by communication server application and convert the raw data to actual meter data.
(3). User interface using web based application: Web server provides web based user application which will access using public IP where user should be able to login and get to know the details of their meter status and data. Utility Operation/Dashboard user will have the interface for supervisory activities involved in meter data acquisition, processing and analysis. The business logic tier would service the requests made by the client tier. These requests could be automated, based on user-defined schedules or on-demand from the user. The collected data can be viewed in the form of customized reports. User can take print outs of these reports, export the data into spread sheets, or convert the data in the form of flat files.

It has following modules:

  • User module:
  • It has feature to Add/Delete/Modify user and the rights.
    • Each user can read the meter to see the meter data.
    • Each user can generate a report for meter information for a single meter with graph.
  • Meter module:
  • It has feature to Add/Delete/Modify meter information.
    • Meter Master Information contains Meter type, make, date of manufacture and the modem.
    • User can select the meter from the list to generate the following reports by providing "From" and "To" date, based on the meter type options are enabled and disabled.
  • Report:
  • The system will provide a report generating tool, which can be used to generate customized reports at any level. The data report will be generated in a new window along with the selected chart type like voltage, current, frequency etc. Menu option provided for viewing each data reports. The data can be exported in standard formats like MSW, TXT, XLS or PDF.
    User can interact with Metering/Billing database to provide extensive analysis & reporting facility. It also has a extensive search options and should provide fixed format as well as query based reports in tabular & graphic format.
  • Request Data:
  • This page should be used to request data from the selected meter by providing meter number. Based on the meter number/type selection option are selected automatically.
    • Requested Data History: This page should be used to show the requested data for the selected meter.
  • Database Server:
  • Database server will be installed with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 which will interact with Web server and OPC server of each type meter
    • Data Backup
    • System will be required to maintain daily backups of the database on reliable backup media like DAT drives, CDs, tape etc.
    • Data Archiving
    • The System will maintain only five years of operations data online. Operations data more than five years old would be archived and the archives maintained at the various locations.
    • Interface with other system
    • As per the requirement, system will exist in conjunction with several other systems. It would therefore be required to interface with other systems for seamless flow of business information in Web Services or W3C XML industry format/OPC/DDE/ODBC Interface.
    • Multiple database support
    • The solution should be able to interoperate with multiple industry standard RDBMS platforms like Oracle, MS SQL 2005/2008, MY SQL.
  • Improve utility back office operations and understand the potential of the AMI investment.

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