High Speed Master Trip Relay

Salient Features

  • Robust Electromechanical Design
  • Simple and reliable construction
  • High speed operation
  • Heavy duty contacts
  • Hand Reset Contacts
  • Flush panel mounting


  • Front Bezel: 152×92 mm ~
  • Cut Out: 132×72 mm ~


  1. A fast operating, multi-contact, attracted armature relay with a high degree of mechanical stability, Type SLR JH13 has hand-reset contacts and an operating coil cut-off contact.
  2. The control coil of the relay element is wound with super enameled copper wire with a short time thermal rating since the relay has a very fast operation with operating time < 10ms.
  3. A coil cut-off contact (NC contact of same element) with suitable break rating is internally wired in series with the coil. This makes coil energization momentary & disconnects the coil on operation.
  4. The Mechanical interlock operates & Relay remains in lock out position until it is hand reset.
  5. A mechanically operated hand reset type flag, is provided as an operation indicator. WHITE for ‘reset’ position & RED for ‘lock out’ indication.
  6. The contacts are designed to have superior contact rating with minimum wear and tear.
  7. The elements are mounted in compact, non-draw out case, suitable for flush mounting on panels.
  • There is a continuous effort at Stelmec to keep abreast of latest technology inline with customer's requirement
  • All these activities are followed as per ISO 9001 : 2008
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