12/36kV Porcelain Clad Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

12/36kV Porcelain Clad Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breakers (PCVCBs) are designed & manufactured for outdoor applications for switching & protection in Medium Voltage Transmission & Distribution Networks keeping in mind the tropical climate. Simple construction & less number of moving parts ensure reliable service & safety.

Salient Features

  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • High Availability Through Spring Charge Spring Operated Mechanism
  • Single Unit - Easy to Transport & Ready to Install
  • Simple & Safe to Operate
  • Modular Construction for Ease to Maintain
  • Compact & Rugged Design for Outdoor Application
  • Well Proven Vacuum Interrupters for Switching Functions
  • Long Electrical & Mechanical Life
  • Adequate Ground & Sectional Clearances as Required
  • Suitable for Rapid Auto-Reclosing Duty
  • Fully Type Tested at NABL Accredited Lab such as CPRI & ERDA As Per Latest IEC 62271-100, IEC 62271-1 & IS 13118
  • Type Tested for Class M2 (10,000 Operation)
  • Specially Type Tested for Seismic Test at 0.6g
  • Compatible for Remote & SCADA Operations
  • Mechanical On/Off & Spring Charged Indications Visible Without Opening The Front Door
  • Sealed Poles to Prevent Ingress of Moisture
  • Front Access to Operating Mechanism


  • Transmission & Distribution Networks
  • Switching Duties of Capacitive Load such as Station Capacitors, Cables & Overhead Lines
  • Switching Duties of Inductive Load such as Transformers, Reactors & Motors
  • Onerous Applications of Rapid Auto-reclosing

Optional Features

  • Inert Gas Filled Poles
  • External Emergency Trip Push Button On The Front Door
  • Castel Lock for Mechanical Interlock with Isolator
  • Higher Creepage for More Polluted Sites of Installation
  • Electrical On/Off & Spring Charged Indications Visible Without Opening the Front Door
  • Higher Insulation Levels When Installing at Elevated Altitudes
  • Closing & Opening Releases Suitable for Low Wattages, Operations at Low Supply Voltage, Faster Operating Times

One Stop Solution

  • As an ideal solution, the Circuit Breaker can be supplied along with CRPs (Control & Relay Panels), Outdoor CTs & VTs and Isolators as a whole unit for Electrical Networks in the field of Transmission & Distribution.


  • The Supplied Circuit Breaker is with Foundation Bolts, Operating handles & Terminal Connectors.

  • There is a continuous effort at Stelmec to keep abreast of latest technology in line with customers’ requirements and hence the product specifications are subject to change.
  • Products described in this catalogue are manufactured and supplied according to Certified Management System ISO 9001:2015.
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