So what exactly is an AMR solution? In this article, we not only explain you AMR solution, but also bring to you its architecture and the great advantages that it brings along.

AMR Slutions

AMR (Automated Meter Reading) Solutions are the most important technological shift that the power sector in India currently desires. An AMR solution, as the name suggests, allows reading & analysis of the meter reading from a remote location. For the power company, an AMR solution means no more manual visits by a personnel for taking the meter reading. Thus an AMR solution is the win-win situation that is currently knocking on the doors of the power sector.

In order to facilitate a better understanding, we present to you below the basic architecture of an AMR solution:
(1).The Meters are connected to the Server through DCU over TCP/IP or GPRS connection,
(2).The meters can be read through RF based CMRI by getting into the meter network.
(3).Then the CMRI data is been transferred to the server in the control room for further analysis and report generation through MDAS.
(4).Server in the Control Room is connected to the Internet via Hi-Speed dedicated connection and provides MDAS connected to all the DCUs in the field.
(5).Data collected from Meter are : Instantaneous Data, Billing Data, Tamper Data, Load Survey, TOD

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